2014 第四期

by OMA | Friday, January 30, 2015

OMA 新闻季刊

2014 第四期













OMA Technical Plenary Chair Address – Francesco Vadalà

Francesco Vadala

Welcome to the fourth quarterly newsletter of 2014. End of year means time for summary and recap. I would define 2014 a transition year for OMA. The Telecom Industry is facing deep changes affecting its business model and consequently the way standards are defined. The Telecom Industry has reacted by focusing on enhancing and exploiting operators’ assets including the existing ones (such as Network, Billing, Customer care, CRM, Security, Identity and Authentication) and identifying new ones.

During 4Q2014, OMA has finalized the “RESTful Network API for Quality of Service,” that enables an application to govern the quality of service (QoS) applied on end user network connections on a temporary basis. This is an important element to enable operators to become “Smart”, in other words to leverage unique service abilities to provide value beyond that of data connectivity only or in a wider sense, beyond traditional core business.

OMA has also finalized the “Management Interface for M2M V1.0,” defining (jointly with oneM2M) a set of requirements for the Northbound Interface from Device Management (DM) server to the Machine to Machine (M2M) systems on top of it, allowing the M2M service layer to access the DM server functionality, such as device and service management areas.

Moreover, OMA is not ignoring the “NFV” trends. In order to best address this (r)evolution, OMA is consolidating and evaluating a new work item on “Service Enabler Virtualization.”

Interesting challenges are coming in 2015!

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Upcoming OMA Meetings Summary

Upcoming OMA face-to-face meetings:
January 19-23, 2015 – Budapest, Hungary
June 8-12, 2015 – Miami, FL USA
See more 2015 dates here: http://openmobilealliance.org/events/oma-member-meetings/

OMA members will gather at the Hilton City Budapest during the next face-to-face meeting in Budapest, Hungary from January 19-23, 2015. The 5-day meeting will begin with the Technical Plenary “Looking Forward” session on Monday morning and the week continues with Working Group meetings, the Board of Directors meeting, and a networking event on Wednesday evening. Working Groups ARC, CD, COM CPM, COM EVC, DM, IOP, LOC, REL and REQ will continue developing and progressing work items in Budapest.

Not able to attend the January meeting in person? Working Groups ARC, COM CPM, COM EVC, DM and REQ will be featuring the new “hybrid” style meeting to allow members to participate remotely. Read more about our “hybrid” style meeting in our announcement from the Q3 newsletter.

The June 2015 OMA face-to-face meeting venue was recently announced and this meeting will take place at the Hyatt Coral Gables in Miami, Florida. Registration will open on Friday, January 23rd and all OMA members are FREE to attend. Additional details for all OMA member meetings can always be found at: http://openmobilealliance.org/events/oma-member-meetings/.

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OMA Eliminates Meeting Registration Fees

During the Shanghai meeting this past November, the OMA Board of Directors decided to eliminate the meeting registration fee to attend OMA face-to-face meetings. The hope is that by reducing the attendance fee for the meetings to zero, OMA will encourage more delegates to participate in the Working Groups and will also encourage new companies to engage more freely with OMA.

OMA delegates are still required to register your attendance for each meeting, but no on-site registration will be available beginning in January 2015. Member information on registration and links to register for the next OMA meeting can always be found at: http://technical.openmobilealliance.org/Technical/next-event-registration.

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Summary of November Shanghai Looking Forward Session

On November 3, 2014, OMA hosted the Looking Forward Session in Shanghai Westin Bund Center. OMA invited not only its member companies and liaison organizations, but also some Chinese companies and organizations from outside to have a discussion about the demand for standards in the market and future cooperation in dealing with those needs.

Gary Jones, OMA Board of Director Chairman, started the meeting by giving an introduction to the Looking Forward Meeting, a joint meeting of the OMA Board of Director and OMA Technical Plenary. He delivered warm welcome to all the participants attending the meeting in Shanghai.

Kepeng Li, Technical Plenary Vice Chair, presented a future vision for general service standards. In his speech, he identified telecommunications industry trends and some important technologies for industry transformation. Then he pointed out several opportunities being driven by these new industry trends including mobile broadband, cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things and more.

Michael Kirwan, Technical Operations Director of PCHA (Personal Connected Health Alliance), gave a presentation on eHealth in a Mobile Ecosystem. He emphasized that the Liaison Agreement with OMA enables joint collaboration between the two organizations. He believed that the long-term strategic alliance should include: work together in service layer specifications; capitalization on emerging trends starting with wearable-healthcare; utilization of our assets to promote adoption of personal healthcare services leveraging OMA’s expertise on wireless enablers. He also summarized the common areas of interest and the next phase of collaboration to work on those areas.

Bryan Sullivan, BoD Vice-chairman, talked about the challenges OMA is facing nowadays. He highlighted the importance of expanding the scope of work items and analyzed the reasons why OMA’s effort on this has limited success. He also presented the effort OMA has put into transforming the organization to address the needs of today’s mobile value chain including developers.

Because the looking Forward Session was hosted in Shanghai China where the telecommunications industry is developing so quickly. OMA took the opportunity to invite Chinese speakers to talk about standardization needs in the Chinese market.

Zemin Yang, Secretary General of CCSA, gave a talk on the potential cooperation between CCSA and OMA. CCSA is a Chinese Government recognised organization in charge of standardisation for both domestic and global standardisation. Mr. Yang expressed hope that CCSA could work together with OMA on supporting each other in the standardization ecosystem, supporting each other in interacting with other international standards organizations and cooperating by sharing views of future technologies. He believed that such cooperation will bring benefits to the members and contribute to the global standards ecosystem.

Xudong An, Director of OTA and LBS Division, CATR of MIIT, presented the work areas they are interested in working on at OMA. CTTL (China Telecommunication Technology Labs) provides testing and verification of 2G, 3G, 4G and operator acceptance as a one stop test service. In his speech, Mr. An pointed out that Content Delivery, Device Management and also Location (especially indoor location) were the main areas they were looking to work on.

Dr. Weihua Zhang, Deputy Secretary General of IGRS Alliance (Intelligent Grouping and Resource Sharing Alliance), made an introduction of their organization and demonstrated strong interest in future cooperation with OMA. IGRS was formed in 2002 with the vision that in the future it will be possible to connect all devices in the home or office, very easily and quickly. There are 226 members from across the world and 16 standards working groups. Dr. Zhang gave a comparison between the OMA M2M enablers and the IGRS standards series. He looked forward to closer connection and cooperation between these two organizations, especially in Device Management and Internet of Things areas.

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LWM2M TestFest and Workshop

OMA will be holding a LWM2M TestFest and Workshop event from 26-29 January 2015 in Dusseldorf, Germany. The event is hosted by Vodafone Innovation Park with the collaboration of the Eclipse Foundation.

The LWM2M TestFest event is held in a confidential and secure testing environment, where companies can bring implementation(s) to test in multiple multi-vendor combinations. The test cases to be used at this event can be found at: OMA LwM2M Test Specifications page. The TestFest is open to OMA and non-OMA companies and it is free for test engineers. There is a small and symbolic charge of $50 per implementation. Space is limited to 30 engineers only.

The OMA LWM2M Workshop is also open to anyone interested in LWM2M activities and features speakers and topics from across the entire LWM2M ecosystem. The Workshop will take place from 9:00 to 13:30 local time on Wednesday, January 28 and is open to attend in person or via a webinar.

Workshop topics will include an introduction to OMA LWM2M and how it fits into the world of IOT by Friedhelm Rodermund of Vodafone and an introduction to the OMA Developer Tool Kit by Joaquin Prado of OMA. Matthias Kovatsch of ETH Zurich will present a demo of the LWM2M Developer Tool Kit Client Simulator. Julien Vermillard of Sierra Wireless will present an overview of LWM2M projects on-going at the Eclipse Foundation, while Antonio Jara from the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland will show a live demo of a LWM2M implementation. Finally, Svante Alnås of Sony Mobile and Michael Koster of ARM will discuss LWM2M Management Objects and the tools used to create them. To view the complete agenda and speaker bios see http://openmobilealliance.org/event/oma-lwm2m-testfest-event-workshop/.

To register for the TestFest or the Workshop either in person or via the webinar follow this link for more information or visit www.openmobilealliance.org.

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Technical Achievements

During the fourth quarter of 2014, OMA Board of Directors approved the documents listed below.

October through December 2014
Enabler and Reference Release
Final Approval
Web Runtime API V1.0 Enabler Release Package

Candidate Re-approval
Secure User Plane Location V3.0 Enabler Release Package

Enabler Test Specification, Test File Package and Enabler Validation Plan
Secure User Plane Location V1.0 Enabler Test Specification

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New Work Items

The following have been approved as new OMA Work Items (WID) in Q4 2014.

  • WID 0306 – Twinning Independent Devices V1.0
  • WID 0309 – Mobile Health wellness and Wearable device API V1.0

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Elections 4Q 2014

We would like to congratulate the following members on their new OMA positions.

  • Mohammed Dadas of Orange, elected as Vice-chair of the Technical Plenary (TP)
  • Shahram Mohajeri of AT&T, elected as Vicechair of the Architecture Working Group (ARC)

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Events Calendar

Upcoming Industry Events

Innovations in Services, Networks and Clouds
17-19 February 2015 / Paris, France

Mobile World Congress 2015
2-5 March 2015 / Barcelona, Spain

NGMN Industry Conference and Exhibition 2015
24-25 March 2015 / Frankfurt, Germany

Managing BYOD and Mobility Conference Europe
24-25 March 2015 / London, UK

LTE World Series – LTE Latin America
7-9 April 2015 / Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

LTE World Series – 5G Forum USA
14-15 April 2015  / Palo Alto, California, USA

Apps World Germany
22-23 April 2015 / Berlin, Germany

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New Members

OMA would like to welcome the following companies who have joined during Q4 2014!

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For more information on OMA membership and a complete list of OMA members, please visit http://openmobilealliance.org/membership/.

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