March 2012 Technical Achievements

by OMA | Thursday, March 1, 2012

The following list of mobile service enablers was ratified by the OMA Board of Directors in March 2012.

Device Capabilities

OMA Diagnostic Monitoring V1_0 AER

OMA Diagnostics and Monitoring (DiagMon) enabler manages distributed mobile wireless devices in order to optimize a subscriber’s experience and reduce network operating costs. With DiagMon, operators, vendors and enterprises can perform various diagnostics and monitoring operations on handsets across a network. These include Diagnostics Policies Management, Fault Detection and Reporting, Performance Monitoring, Device Interrogation and Remote Device Repair.

OMA Device Management V1.3 CER

OMA Device Management 1.3 (DM 1.3) represents an expansion of OMA DM 1.2. OMA DM 1.3 supports the following additional functionalities: support for SIP/UDP transport bindings, specifications for mandatory support for bootstrap/TNDS, support for rich information in notification message including expiration, reason for session, etc. and support for the discovery of optional DM features supported by the DM Client.

OMA Gateway Management Object V1.0 CER

OMA Gateway Management Object (GwMO) enables the management of devices that are not directly accessible to the OMA-DM server. These devices may be deployed behind a firewall or the device does not support OMA-DM. OMA GwMO supports the ability to fan-out commands from a DM server to multiple end devices and to aggregate responses from multiple end devices in order to facilitate a consolidated response back to the DM Server.

Service Customization

OMA Condition Based URIs Selection V1_0 AER

OMA Condition Based URIs Selection (CBUS) enabler is a common standard solution to fulfill the functionality requirements of OMA PoC service. OMA CBUS supports the retrieval of a list of addresses and makes them available for messaging, gaming, conferencing and advertisement services.

Service Access Interface

OMA RESTful Network API Presence V1.0 CER

OMA RESTful Network API for Presence (REST_NetAPI_Presence) is a re-publication of the ParlayREST Presence API V1.0 and is included in the suite of OMA RESTful Network APIs. Changes include ‘bug’ fixes and structural adjustments to support this suite.

Version 1.0 of the RESTful Network API for Presence continues to support the following operations:

  • Manages presence information with a certain time-to-live
  • Manages persistent presence information
  • Manages own content
  • Retrieves Watchers to its presence information
  • Manages authorization rules
  • Retrieves presence information for a single Presentity
  • Retrieves presence information for Presentities in a Presence List
  • Retrieves content from a Presentity
  • Retrieves all active subscriptions
  • Retrieves all active subscriptions
  • Manages subscriptions for Watchers
  • Manages presence subscriptions for single Presentities
  • Manages presence subscriptions for Presence Lists

The following new functionalities have been introduced:

  • Manages own portrait icon using a dedicated resource
  • Support for scope values used with authorization framework defined in [Autho4API_10]
  • Support for Anonymous Customer Reference (ACR) as an end user identifier
  • Support for “acr:Authorization” as a reserved keyword in a resource URL variable that identifies an end user