July 2012 Technical Achievements

by OMA | Sunday, July 1, 2012

The following list of mobile service enablers was ratified by the OMA Board of Directors in July 2012.

Person to Person Communication

OMA Converged IP Messaging V1.0 AER

OMA Converged IP Messaging (CPM) enabler reuses existing and defines new reusable building blocks to create a variety of interpersonal, interactive, multimedia communication services that run on top of an IP network. It is possible for third party applications to use these capabilities. These third party applications also can interact with CPM users as participants. The CPM Enabler provides the functionality for CPM based service users to communicate seamlessly with the users of non-CPM communication services such as SMS and MMS.


OMA Mobile Spam Reporting V1.0 AER

OMA Mobile Spam Reporting (SpamRep) V1.0 enabler provides a protocol or interface and message format for forwarding user-identified spam messages to a network collection point. The user’s device will be provisioned with the address of the report collection node in the operator’s network. Spam reporting is intended to help the Mobile Network Operator reduce the load on their network caused by spammers sending unsolicited/unwanted messages to the operator’s users/subscribers. The reduction in the number of spam messages will also improve the user’s/subscriber’s experience on the operator’s network.


Service Access Interface

OMA Converged Address Book API V1.0 CER

OMA Converged Address Book APIs (CAB APIs) V1.0 expose CAB Enabler functionality as the foundation for new services and applications, utilizing contact information (Address Book and Personal Contact Card). Enabling new applications via open CAB APIs will overcome the limitations of today’s APIs and drive growth for new applications such as RCS. Open CAB APIs decrease complexity in order to create advanced applications for mobile as well as fixed markets.


OMA Telecom Application Store V1.0 CER

OMA Telecom Applications Store (TAS) V1.0 enabler establishes a unified framework for an Application Store, integrating all the stages of application development support including application distribution and application sales. OMA TAS addresses the following work areas:

  • Developer Management
  • APIs Management
  • Application Management
  • Application Creation Support


OMA Open Connection Manager API V1.0 CER

OMA Open CM API (OpenCMAPI) V1.0 enables a non-fragmented, generic solution to the challenges of connection management across the mobile Internet. OMA OpenCMAPI allows operators, OEMs and ODMs to develop services on top of generic interfaces in an open and programmable way. OMA OpenCMAPI supports multiple device types such as mobile broadband devices, wireless routers, M2M, smartphones, tablets, and cloud devices requiring access to mobile Internet.


Access to Content

OMA LPP* Extensions V1.1 CER

OMA LPP Extensions (LPPe) build on the 3GPP-defined LPP and extends the location, measurement and assistance data capabilities beyond 3GPP LPP without unnecessarily duplicating the work done in 3GPP. The OMA LPPe Release 1.0 enables support for: high accuracy GNSS methods in the form of new positioning methods and assistance data types, emerging radio network–based positioning technologies including the radio network measurement reports for selected radio access types, and terminal-to-terminal positioning and assistance data transfer.

*LTE Positioning Protocol