August 2012 Technical Achievements

by OMA | Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The following list of mobile service enablers was ratified by the OMA Board of Directors in August 2012.

Person to Person Communication

OMA SIP/SIMPLE Based IM Service Definition V1.0 AER

OMA SIP/SIMPLE Based IM Service Definition V2.0 CER

OMA Enhanced Visual Voice Mail Service V1.0 CER

Service Access Interface

OMA Policy Evaluation, Enforcement and Management V1.0 AER

OMA RESTful bindings for Parlay X Web Services V2.0 AER

Service Customization

OMA Presence SIMPLE V2.0 AER

OMA Key Performance Indicators for OMA Enablers V1.0 AER

OMA XML Document Management V2.2 CER

Architecture, Security and Charging

OMA Application Layer Security Common Functions V1.1 AER

Access to Content

OMA Mobile Search Framework V1.0 AER